Interview with the Notable Public Speaker Anil Jinsi

Interview with the Notable Public Speaker Anil Jinsi

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Inspiring and thought-provoking, Anil Jinsi is definitely one to learn from. In today’s world where matters on women empowerment, politics, international relations, education, parenting and governance are becoming more and more widespread, there is bound to be misunderstandings which makes them important topics to discuss. With a background in administration, franchising, strategy-planning, project execution, developing and networking with new enterprises, Anil’s keynotes can benefit healthcare professionals, businesses, educational institutions and more. We caught up with Anil and had a chat with him to hear and know more his work and life experiences.
Anil Jinsi is the CEO of Tinklebloom Life Solutions Pvt Ltd. With Anil’s vast professional experience and past successes, his entrepreneurial style of management has earned him respect in business circles.
Anil has worked for educational companies and has 30 years of professional experience, of which two decades have been with educational institutions. In addition, he has had stints in information technology (IT), healthcare and glamour education.

 Furthermore, he has held various senior management positions at vice-president and vice-chairman level in different organisations and industry verticals. 
 After calling it a day from professional life, Anil founded Tinklebloom Life Solutions Pvt Ltd, a company that provides “E-baby” solutions previously known as NIYOGA.

 An educational speaker, golfer and member of various prestigious clubs, Anil is a member of the Indian Speakers Bureau. He currently also holds a global position in the shipping industry.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: I have been a speaker since many years and have spoken on all topics, particularly women empowerment, politics, international relations, education, parenting, governance etc. Presently, I am focused on delivering my thought process on the political situation across the globe and fine governance along with women empowerment.

Q: How would you define your professional mission?
A: My mission is to accelerate the world's transition to fine governance, by delivering my thought process so that the globe is free from some miseries at least due to mis-governance.

Q: What qualities does it take for someone to be successful in your line of work?
A: Success cannot be defined by one single quality, characteristic or psychological trait. Success is rather a delicately blended mixture of qualities, characteristics and traits that if balanced in the right combinations will help one to attain the pinnacles of achievement.

Q: What is one of your most memorable career accomplishments?
A: My achievements are many, but few of them are when I made multiple network of franchise across Africa and Asia within the shortest period of one year. Second was when I spoke on political interference in education at CII in India, wherein all the audience got mesmerised.

Q: What are some career challenges on your radar?
A: To be one of the leading speaker and to speak on governance, peace and co-existence at one of the highest global platforms like the UN. Also, I want to make my venture E-baby successful so that happiness is created among desirous childless couples.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: I believe it is networking, happiness and gaining knowledge from meeting and learning from other people.

Q: What legacy do you hope to leave through your work?
A:  Integrity, in all I do. I endeavour to act in the best interest of all stakeholders and those involved to exercise integrity with my personal and business dealing. 

Q: What is the best career advice you ever received?
A:  The best career advice I was given is to develop business relationship, building networks and to be determined at what I do.  
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