Interview with the Top Leadership, Culture and Transformation Motivational Keynote Speaker, Dr. Suresh Devnani

Interview with the Top Leadership, Culture and Transformation Motivational Keynote Speaker, Dr. Suresh Devnani

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International opening keynote speaker, Dr. Suresh Devnani is a four-time best-sellers list author, motivational keynote speaker on leadership, workplace culture, and the power of human connections. He brings this passion and energy for performance, purpose and impact to events of all types, as well as to those he professionally mentors personally to strengthen their performance mindset and success in life, business and careers. In an interview with Experts Market, Dr. Suresh Devnani shares some of his life experiences in this interview.

Q. Introduce yourself to our audience. Tell us who you are and what you are currently focused on.
I dropped out of college to start what became a multi-million-dollar business in the early 1990s, only to realise that it left me deeply unfulfilled. Then I lost nearly all of it, a sum of US$26.9 million overnight on a Gold futures contract. But losing it all put me on the journey to the most real sense of happiness I’ve ever felt. 
My current focus is to empower struggling business leaders and individuals through the key message of building a sustainable future; one based on higher levels of consciousness and mental well-being as their competitive advantage in an ever-changing world.

Q. How would you define your professional mission?
My mission is to share my research on the benefits of positive psychology and happiness to create conscious organisations that nurture people, purpose and communities to thrive.

Q. What qualities does it take for someone to be successful in your line of work?
Being authentic has allowed me to build genuine relationships. Moreover, it has allowed me to be more human, approachable and trustworthy, which pays dividends as a speaker and trainer when it comes to my personal branding and success. 
Q. What is one of your most memorable career accomplishments?
The greatest achievement in my life so far has been the gift to be able to inspire my audiences reach new levels of success in achieving personal and professional goals, breaking through barriers and being better than they ever thought possible. 
Q. What are some career challenges on your radar?
The biggest challenge affecting professional speakers and trainers is not being able to physically interact with our audiences due to COVID-19. The second challenge is how to keep our virtual experience interactive. 
Q. What is the most rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding part of being a motivational speaker is being able to educate, encourage and train professionals to reach new heights in their careers and personal development. In turn, supporting the motivator become more motivated with a positive outlook and helping others. 

Q. What legacy do you hope to leave through your work?
The legacy, I want to leave as a leadership expert is that leading is not an elusive art that can be only practiced by the privileged. It is the responsibility for every man and woman who desires to make a positive difference in their lives and those depending on them.
Q. What is the best career advice you ever received?
The best advice I received was don't do for the money, do it for changing lives.

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