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Author Alex Granger



A book on how to become more effective in the workplace and in your personal life. Using the acronym F.O.R.C.E., Alex illustrates the power of mindset through to enthusiasm for a meaningful and effective life of service.

About Author

Dr. Alex Granger is considered one of the top leadership, personal mastery, and high performance speakers in Africa. His work is embraced by business leaders of blue chip companies, associations, institutes, and leaders in government. He has been speaking for 17 years. He holds a Doctor of Excellence (Honoris Causa) from Auream Phoenix University, and an Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) from the Gordonā€˜s Institute of Business Science with a distinction in Leadership. Dr. Granger is a certified NLP Life Coach, and currently completing his Doctorate in Philosophy with his thesis on Epistemological Mindsets. His messages can be described as transformational, dynamic, life-changing, incredibly meaningful, and highly impactful. Alex has worked in executive and senior leadership positions for blue chip companies such as Bidvest, Imperial, Standard Bank, and Tsogo Sun. He is the author of three books, Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of Twice Blue, and Founder of the Personal Mastery seminars The Exceptional Apex.

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