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THE POOR BLACK BOY MORE THAN EVER RICH | Your second chance to get it right.

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21 Pages




Author Mboa Pascal



It's so easy to want what everyone else has and not focusing enough on what we should develop to make ourselves wealthy enough not to want what others have. As the author of this book grew up and develop himself through coaching and personal development program, he came to realize that wealth is generational and money is just a tool rich people use to create fortune and poor people do not understand easily. Mboa shares with you the result of a rich experience that will help you to understand better how to make your own move in life and build the type of wealth you want for you and the people you love.

About Author

Mboa Pascal " The Visionary Speaker " Having less and not being significant is the result of a cloudy vision! My mission is to speak possibility into people's life through their vision and Be a leader for young and old visionaries through Speaking, Performance and Life Coaching, I want to impact more humans.

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