Complete A-Z Speaker Package

Are you a coach, speaker, author or an expert who is looking to be become PROFESSIONALLY RECOGNISED?

  • We will help you in constructing your narrative and objective, based on who you are and what you are an expert in, coupled with strong public speaking skills and a strong brand.
  • In this programme, we help you move from being just recognised to being a highly valued and paid expert that is welcomed to conferences.
  • We will show you what it takes to play in the professional league and reveal many secrets to make it in the expert industry.
Price: 12 sessions of 1 hour each (including personal branding package) 

Price: $ 5415

Duration: 12 hours

Call Now: +971 58 971 2626

Book Published

Do you have a drafted copy of a book? Get your book edited and published by a leading global publisher.

  • Most professional speakers have a book and utilise it as a faster and more efficient way to spread their message.
    • This is the ultimate marketing tool to get further speaking engagements.

Price: $ 5170

Call Now: +971 58 971 2626


Selfies and mobile phone pictures do not qualify as professional headshots, so let us help you get better pictures of you!

  • Get pictures that look professional and are truly representative of your actual knowledge, capability and expertise.
  • Professional photos always attract bigger firms and more clients.

Price: $ 1360

Call Now: +971 58 971 2626

Videographer and Video Edits

It’s the time to get a sizzling showreel that shows how great you are on stage!

  • We will help you produce a video that shows your charisma and incredible content.
  • Clients will always look for videos of speakers before booking them. If you don’t have proper video content, then you are already being disqualified from paid speaking engagements.
  • Become a real contender in the speaking world and start building your brand package now.

For one professional sizzle reel

Price: $ 1360

Call Now: +971 58 971 2626


A clear representation and signal that you are a speaker comes from having a proper website that explains all your services.

  • You will develop a landing page that explains who you are, what you offer and how clients can reach you.
  • We develop concise landing pages that are optimised for the speaking world that speak to clients in their language.
  • This will help you attain a more professional look, which attracts more clients!

Price: $ 680

Call Now: +971 58 971 2626

Bio writing

How do you speak about yourself in a way that has finesse and elegance? We can help you with that!

  • We will help your conference brochures, websites, press releases and even your profile on Experts Market look and sound professional.
  • We will help you identify and convey your area of expertise without overwhelming or underwhelming your reader.

Price: $ 136

Call Now: +971 58 971 2626

Speaker Strategy Coaching

You are already a speaker that has been up on stage but you are not getting paid well enough nor getting enough money. Select this bespoke speaker strategy if you are already a speaker that has been up on stage, however, you are not getting paid!

  • The most seasoned coaches will audit your profile to help you become a high paid speaker!
  • You will be provided with specific strategy ideas for your business.
  • You will get help in building your speaking career to become internationally competitive.

Price: $ 272

Duration: 12 hours

Call Now: +971 58 971 2626

MC Training

Want to become an MC and presenter? Want to understand the fine art of MCing? Join this bespoke coaching programme available in the UAE or online via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

  • Become an internationally competitive MC.
  • Learn the different techniques allowed on stage and off stage.
  • Your confidence and your speaking skills will definitely improve.

Price: $ 1905

Duration: 12 hours

Call Now: +971 58 971 2626

Public Speaking Training

One of the best and most unique public speaking programmes is available exclusively to Experts Market and its members. There are limited number of candidates shortlisted per year, so email us fast!

  • It is developed by a global expert in this field and a veteran.
  • You will leave the programme knowing things that you only wish you knew years ago.
  • Topics addressed will be communication, non-verbal body language, presentation skills, confidence building, assertiveness and much more.

Price: $ 2178

Duration: 12 hours

Call Now: +971 58 971 2626

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