Dr. Hanadie Basil

Award Winning Health and Wellness Leader | Integrative Health and Pain Management Practitioner | Women Empowerment | Keynote Speaker | Wellness Coach | Health Entrepreneur.

Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Fee $ 2000/hr
Languages English Arabic
Event Type Onsite / Virtual
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Dr. Hanadie Basil is an Award Winning Health and Wellness Leader, BSc. MSc. IHHW. ,  Integrative Health and Pain Management Practitioner, founder of "THE PAIN MANAGER - Health and Wellness Company", keynote speaker, author, wellness mentor, and health entrepreneur Dubai, UAE. As a former practicing Doctor of Comparative Surgery, she chose to embrace the power of integrative natural therapies, helping clients understand the need for a well-balanced lifestyle to optimize their overall health. Dr. Hanadie’s mission is to help people get their pain-free life by integrating the latest scientific research with the power of ancient natural therapies. Her journey with personal health challenges throughout the past twenty years inspired her to merge modern clinical proficiency with natural therapies. Today, she uses her years of research, certifications, and awards in natural health therapeutics to help clients of all levels from mild to critically ill with tremendous results. She was trained in various types of advanced and intermediate therapeutic practices including Neuroactive Exercise, REHAB fitness training, Clinical Aromatherapy, JIN SHIN JYUTSU (Japanese Acupressure). She is also certified as a Diet- Nutrition Consultant to provide a comprehensive package for her clients. Dr. Hanadie got her bachelor’s and postgraduate master’s degree in comparative surgery, specialized in "Biodegradable Bone Prosthesis" from the University of Baghdad, Iraq, and worked as an assistant professor and researcher at Thamar University, Yemen. She pursued her career as a comparative surgeon, environmental and health researcher at ERWDA, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Her passion for knowledge has led her to seek natural health and integrative therapy certifications to the highest levels around the world. She is an author, a keynote speaker, and an integrative health expert at conferences around the region and was featured in different top publications over the past ten years, providing her knowledge on best practices for prolonging life and improving health. She is a part of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA), REHAB-TRAINER AU, and Register of Exercise Professionals UAE (Reps UAE).

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2nd International Conference on Herbal & Traditional Medicine





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Keynote Speaker
Integrative Health Practitioner
The Fibromyalgia Flow 4 Life: Practical guide for health and wellness.

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